Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spasora?

Spasora is a versatile marketplace to discover and book physical spaces for video production, photography and all forms of content creation.

To build a thriving marketplace, Spasora works with businesses and individuals who own unique spaces to help them make more efficient use of their space, allowing them to safely and conveniently share it with other professionals in need. As a result, we enable local businesses to sustain healthy operations and expand their presence within the community.

What kind of space can I find or Host on spasora?

In video production, all kinds of space/location can be used for a shoot, it all depends on the script and vision of any video director. That's why on spasora, we give our users access to discover and host any and all kinds of physical spaces, from Apartments, restaurants, bars, clubs, barber shop, beauty shop, warehouses, private beaches, shops, super markets etc all these and more can be gotten on the platform.

Can I make money with spasora?

Yes, as a host, you can make upto 200 thousand naira monthly on the platform and even more. All hosts who have spaces on the platform make money when their space is booked and used for any kind of shoot.

How can I become a host on spasora?

You can become a host in 3 steps. All you have to do is click on the list your space button on the home page, fill up your details, and upload the pictures of your space.

Why should I book spaces through spasora?

Spasora makes accessing video spaces easy in 3 clicks, you also no longer need to worry about the middle man or location scout service fees as you get to access these spaces directly through the platform. You also get amazing deals on spaces when you book through us.

Why should I host my space on spasora?

Hosting on spasora gives you access to thousands of video professionals to use your space for video production.